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eSelf is an iPhone/iPod app that helps you get in touch with aspects of yourself to which you are usually unaware, the parts that know who you are, what you're about, what you want, and where you're going (and anything else you can think of to ask). You calibrate eSelf to the minute involuntary patterns that are uniquely yours and which vary in response to yes/no questions asked of the unconscious levels of your being. eSelf can then interpret the responses to any question you ask of these levels and present the answer your higher self indicated.

Note: eSelf is no longer available on the App Store. 

Infrequently Asked Questions

+ How does eSelf work?
+ Will eSelf work for everyone?
+ What kinds of calibration questions work best?
+ Can I use the same calibration questions more than once?
+ What kinds of questions can I ask?
+ How do I know if the answer was important?
+ How do you get answers to questions that can't be answered Yes or No?
+ What affects the accuracy of the answers?
+ Can I ask questions about the future?
+ Is eSelf for real, or is it one of those apps "for entertainment purposes only"?
+ How can I save my questions if I don't use email?
+ How do I get to Settings from the screen with the Ask button?
+ Will there be upgrades?

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